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Global times for this class

Wednesdays 6pm (Austin)

Thursdays 10am (Sydney)

Bellates Fitness

Bellates keeps you challenged and having fun by drawing exercises from Belly Dance, Pilates, Yoga and Ballet. Every class is different as I take requests and consider how everyone is doing. We work on Strength, Flexibility, Posture, Balance, Moving Mediations, Listening to our bodies, Navigating discomfort & comfort, And more!

Global times for this class

Wednesdays 5.15pm (Los Angeles)

Thursdays 11.15am (Sydney)

Elegant Hands & Arms

Audiences are drawn to a dancer’s arms and hands because they communicate so much information. And let’s be honest, many of us find beautiful arms challenging. By learning about their muscles and joints, you’ll develop an understanding of which ones to use and how. This leads not only to strong, fluid movements, but also to good posture and may help to elevate neck and shoulder pain. By connecting arms and hands patterns to other movements, you’ll experience whole body awareness. And present to audiences the polished, refined dancer that you are!

Global times for this class

Saturdays 11pm (Rome)

Sundays 9am (Sydney)

Zils (finger cymbals) & Drum Solos

Zils (finger cymbals) are a wonderful way to add dramatic life to any performance. While dancing and playing along to drum solos, learn iqa’at (rhythms) and their various patterns. Zils are a great tool to understand what you are really dancing to and learn music quickly. Come take the mystery out drum solos and replace it with fun confidence!

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