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Global times for this class

Tuesdays 6pm (Austin)

Wednesdays 11am (Sydney)

Bellates Fitness

Bellates keeps you challenged and having fun by drawing exercises from Belly Dance, Pilates, Yoga and Ballet. Every class is different as I take requests and consider how everyone is doing. We work on Strength, Flexibility, Posture, Balance, Moving Mediations, Listening to our bodies, Navigating discomfort & comfort, And more!

Global times for this class

Thursdays 7pm (Austin)

Fridays 12pm (Sydney)

Classic American Belly Dance | Turkish 9/8 “karşılama” Rhythm

Following my students’ interest in learning more about Turkish dance and ok my own, I’m bringing back a series on “karşılama”. We won’t spend all of our time learning history, context and rhetoric but it is important to note I have quotes around “karşılama”. This is the name American belly dancers used to call the rhythm and section which often ended our 7-part routine. It differs from Turkish karşılama, Turkish Romani and Turkish Oryantal and Greek karsilamas.
…. So let’s explore the beauty of the asymmetrical 9/8 rhythm and how it brings into our dance a different energy, pace, weight, use of pelvis and footwork while being aware of how it fits within the elaborate world of dance.

Global times for this class

Saturdays 4pm (Austin)

Saturdays 11pm (Rome)

Sundays 9am (Sydney)

Zils & Drills (finger cymbals)

Zils are a great way to add life to any performance. Learn drills that teach how zil patterns, rhythms, and movements easily relate. Take your playing to new heights by playing with various parts of the music, such as beat, rhythm, and melody to create dynamic and musically creative performances.

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