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Belly Dance Classes

Amara’s classes keep me limber, make me feel good, and expand my personal practice by drilling movement outside of my “go to” comfort zone. Her education and experience enables her to find multiple ways to explain a movement or sensation until she finds the words that work for you. Some movements I’ve been taught in the past suddenly become new and improved after Amara explains a new layer of technique, or an alternate way of thinking about the sensation of the movement.


Amara is an excellent teacher with a wealth of knowledge about belly dance and dance in general. It was a delight to learn about the different styles and techniques of belly dance with Amara. I learnt so much during the time I attended Amara’s classes and I also developed a love of the music that is so much a part of the art of belly dance.
What I also enjoyed was the exercises that Amara taught us that helped to prevent injury or avoid straining existing injuries. 

– 5 Star Google Review

Charlotte Y

Amara is such a great teacher and choreographer. She is attentive, inventive and has an amazing knowledge of Middle Eastern dance styles. Highly recommended.

5 Star Google Review


Amara was the best teacher I ever had with techniques, alignment, and she knows the history of the instruments. She came up with amazing choreography that was fun and beautiful. It was definitely a huge contribution to my health and well being. It helped my brain to learn new movements and made me a more natural dancer. To feel confident in my body and to have a way to work out that was fun. It was the first time I felt beautiful with doing a dance!

I must sing and dance, always always always

Amara dances bellates side stretch

Bellates Fitness Classes

I benefit most from the combination of strengthening and flexibility. You can do it in your own home. You can request specific areas of body to work on during class. Modifications are incorporated for all ages and abilities. It’s SO fun and rewarding. I look forward to Bellates weekly. Bellates rocks!

Michelle M

Laura’s class has helped me with opening my pecs and with improving my posture to help with lower back pain. She’s great with modifying exercises so I get the good results without further stressing my injuries. I am more flexible, stronger, and I have learned what to do when muscles get tight.

JoDee C

Amara’s classes are always fun and the more people involved the more inventive they become because Amara knows how to work off of everyone’s energy and input. She can expand my fellow dancers’ movement vocabulary as well as strengthen their current style through regular drills, all while making us laugh. Good times!


At the beginning of class, Amara asks each person what they want to work on. She then adjusts each class to address those issues. Amara’s Bellates class has saved me a fortune in chiropractic bills. My chiropractor was frustrated that I was so tight that it was harder for him to do the adjustments. One day he said to me that I needed to help him help me. I needed to do flexibility exercises. I started taking Amara’s stretching and flexibility class. Now I am able to release the tension in my lower back so that I don’t need to go to the chiropractor as often. Class is fun and makes you feel so much better.

Doris N

Amara Dances Bellates and students

Teacher Training

After taking Laura’s injury prevention class for teachers, I think this is an amazing opportunity for dancers to learn more about their own bodies. I cannot recommend this more highly to dancers of all types!


Dance Instructor

Dr. Osweiler has a wealth of knowledge and I’m so glad that I took part in this series. It has been an eye-opening experience and my instruction abilities have been deeply impacted in just three weeks of working with Dr. Osweiler. I loved the open and collaborative environment! And I made some new friends within the dance community and learned a ton from my peers in the field. I recommend the course to dance instructors young and old.

Danielle Storey

Senior Instructor, Balance Dance Studio in Austin

I found that some of my knowledge was out-of-date. I learned a few things I didn’t previously know (I completed massage therapy training some years ago) and was reminded of a few things I forgot. Every student, teacher, parent, or any person otherwise connected to dance would be wise to take this course. Even if you have years of experience, it’s a valuable update to keep your knowledge current. I strongly recommend this course for everyone.

Phillip Shurtleff

Dancer, Opa Magazine