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A Dance Management Tool for Cataplexy

Join the Knee Shimmy for Cataplexy Series

A free online series for those with Cataplexy.

No dance experience necessary.

Laura shares the knee shimmy, a dance movement which helps manager her knees giving out during Cataplexy.

The move is closely related to a knee collapse but there are enough differences so we can have fun while developing a sense of familiarity.

We’ll build strength and flexibility in the legs which may build stamina and support.

We’ll create a new muscle memory, when the body reacts without having to think about it, that may influence the body’s response.

We’ll explore neutral descriptive dance terms to redirect our focus from heightened emotions to acknowledging what is happening.

These tools won’t prevent buckling knee or our initial responses but they can redirect our focus to exploring and observing.

Speak with your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

If you have any questions or are interested in the topic but do not have Cataplexy contact Laura.

Laura demonstrating the Knee Shimmy.

About Dr Laura Osweiler

Laura lives on Type 1 Narcolepsy spectrum. For 30 years she has been involved in dance as a researcher, teacher, performer, choreographer and producer in the USA and Australia. Currently she’s developing a dance ‘Falling into Weighted Time’ based on her Cataplexy episodes and how dance creates health management tools. Laura has learned a lot and wants to share with others the benefits of dance and creativity on health.

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There is a short anonymous survey to fill out after finishing the series. Participants are not required to complete out the survey. But your comments will be helpful to engage with the medical sector and increase interest/research into dance as a management tool for those with chronic conditions.


After registration you’ll receive information on how to access videos and a link to the short survey.

This project is supported by Accessible Arts’ Front & Centre Program and the NSW Government through Create NSW.