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Dr Laura is currently organising a course. Interested? Email her with your email, location and best days and times.

Commitment to Student Health

As teachers, we need to ensure the health and safety of our students during dance classes. It is our responsibility know how to implement appropriate exercises that prevent injuries and tailor our content to the experience, age and fitness levels of our students.

Join our dance teacher training program today and take your teaching to the next level. Gain the knowledge and confidence to become a more effective and inspiring instructor.


In this course you will:

  • Develop knowledge about basic types of injuries and First Aid.
  • Gain a foundational understanding of basic anatomy.
  • Understand the physical benefits and drawbacks of practicing your dance form.
  • Tailor your teaching to accommodate students’ ages, fitness levels and injuries.
  • Learn to make safe modifications and ensure students’ bodies stay healthy.
  • Create safe and effective warm-up, cool-down and stretching routines.
  • Build supportive environments that foster better communication between teachers and students.
  • Cultivate student awareness of injury prevention techniques.

The course contains:

  • Interactive Zoom sessions with detailed information and example answers.

  • A comprehensive workbook featuring information, questions and space to write your answers.

  • Opportunities for students to present and apply what they’ve learned.


Lecture 1: Injury Awareness & First Aid
Lecture 2: Basic Anatomy
Lecture 3: Know the Benefits and Drawback to Your Dance Form
Lecture 4: Know Your Student Base
Student Presentation 1: Student Base
Student Presentation 2: Your Form’s Benefits and Drawbacks
Student Presentation 3: Analyze and Demonstrate 4 common movements in your form that may cause injury
Lecture 5: Stretching Methods
Lecture 6: How to Warm up
Student Presentation 4: Design and Demonstrate a Warm Up
Lecture 7:  How to Cool Down
Student Presentation 5: Design and Demonstrate a Cool Down

Amara Dances Bellates and students

About Dr Osweiler

Dr Laura Osweiler is renowned for her personalized attention to student needs and expectations. She aims to help teachers, dancers and students become the best they can be at any given time. Laura emphasizes building a strong foundation while assisting individuals in achieving their goals and enjoying the learning process.

With over twenty-five years of teaching experienced, Laura is highly experienced in various settings. She’s taught in dance studios and online, accredited dance courses at Cal Poly Pomona, UCLA and UCR, continuing adult education classes at the Learning Tree and Golden Oaks (Los Angeles) and at numerous conventions and festivals. Her student base has ranges from beginners to professional dancers, youths to adults and those with and without disability.

In response to numerous requests from dance teachers for Laura to share her knowledge and bridge the gap between studio teachers and university programs, she developed a teacher training certification program. Her goal is to support both new and seasoned teachers become better instructors.

Laura has a lifelong passion for teaching. She began as a music teacher. While in graduate school, she took courses in dance pedagogy and designed and taught dance courses, gaining invaluable insights and feedback from top dance educators and dance therapists.

Laura holds a PhD in Dance History and Theory from University of California, Riverside, a BA in Music History and Literature, and a certificate in Ethnomusicology from Florida State University. She also pursued an MA in Dance Ethnology and MFA in Dance Performance at University of California, Los Angeles.

About Certification

Certification is awarded when a comprehensive understanding and mastery of the material is demonstrated. You may be asked to resubmit assignments integrating feedback and evaluations.

Students have one year to complete certification after purchase.


Assignments are scored in a focused holistic approached, where each text is evaluated on its overall quality. Several categories will be examined, including:

  • Purpose: The objective of the question is met.

  • Organisation: The structure of the answer is clear and organised.

  • Application: Demonstrates synthetization and evaluation of knowledge.

  • Supporting Evidence: Strong sets of examples and details.

Scoring System

Scoring is based upon a 4-point scale:

4. The writer demonstrates consistent, though not necessarily perfect, control of the domain’s features.
3. The writer demonstrates reasonable, but not consistent, control of most of the domain’s features. The writer may control some features of the domain more than others.
2. The writer demonstrates inconsistent control of several of the domain’s features, indicating significant weakness.
1. The writer demonstrates little or no control of the domain’s feature.


This is an amazing opportunity. I cannot recommend this more highly to teachers of all types!

~Najla | Instructor | Austin Bellydance Studio