Bellates Fitness & Health Workshops

Strength Training, Flexibility, Posture & Health

Let’s get healthier!

Dr Laura (Amara Dances) Osweiler has taught for over twenty-five years for beginners to professional levels.

She is available for a variety of fitness & health workshops, from beginners to professionals.

Her formats include one-hour introductions & longer training intensives. She also has a teacher certification program for those interested in teaching Bellates fitness classes.

Choose from her workshop list or request something special just for you!

Amara Dances fitness health workshops
Amara Dances Bellates and students

Bellates Fitness Workshops

Amara brings together a unique combination of Belly dance, Pilates, Yoga, and Ballet to create a fun and dynamic workout. Students strengthen and tone their muscles, increase their flexibility and fortify their posture alignment.

Amara dances bellates side stretch

Flexibility & Health Workshops

Whether you are a professional or recreational dancer, we all have goals of increasing flexibility, finding balance and reducing pain and stress. Stretching reinforces healthy posture and body alignment. It also helps to prevent injury and elevate pain and stress. In this class, Amara teaches many different methods of stretching, including ones which warm you up, cool you down, aid in relaxation and increase muscle and joint flexibility. She takes a comprehensive approach by stretching the whole body. And she takes requests!

Amara Dances teaches students

Injury Prevention for Dancers and Movers Workshop

In movement practices, there is ultimately only one person who is responsible for your health and well-being, and that is you! Safeguard yourself by understanding how to properly warm up and cool down. Increase your body awareness. Learn more about your movement form with basic anatomy. Understand how to assess your fitness level in order to maintain a balanced body and make proper modifications.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Identify physical benefits from practicing your dance/movement form
  • Use basic anatomy to recognize the parts of the body that are strengthened & prone to injury by your dance/movement form
  • Assess basic types of injuries and First Aid
  • Keep your body balanced
  • Make safe modifications for your fitness level
  • Develop safe and effective warm ups, cool downs & stretches
  • Cultivate teaching & student communication