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Between 2000 and 2008 and again in 2013, Amara annually produced An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance (EEMED).

The greater Los Angeles area was home to one of the largest and stylistically varied populations of professional Middle Eastern dancers. But at that time there were almost no venues where innovative Middle Eastern dancers could perform. And so, EEMED was born.

Local, National and International dancers produced cutting edge works exclusively for EEMED. Their pieces, based in the Middle Eastern dance idiom, made traditional borders, edges, and standard representations visible by playing in-between and pushing past them into a new fringe spaces.

With multi-week runs, extensive lighting design, fixed stage space and option for sets, EEMED offered dancers & choreographers opportunities to inhabit and develop their pieces.

Each work was often a year in the planning and went through an audition process. This nurturing process developed a strong community of artists and lead to new and exciting avenues of expression.

EEMED was featured in the Middle Eastern dance community and the greater Los Angeles media. Reviews commended on the show’s originality, thought-provoking nature and deep emotional impressions.

EEMED had the honour of being LA Weekly’s “Dance Pick of the Week” (2005), cover story for The Argonaut (2004), and LA Beat’s dance pick in “7 Days in LA” (2003).

In 2001, EEMED concerts became available on video. And expanded its national and international audiences.

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EEMED 2001 Program

Soul of a Dancer

Inspired by a segment of “The Wanderer” by Khalil Gibran.

Choreographer & Performer: Marula

Words: Jeffrey Fiske

Music and Narration: Shannon Nowell

Dream of Tara

A wandering mendicant/spiritual practitioner dreams of a dancing deity as a vision of light and healing. Many thanks to Shahrazad’s School of Cologne, Germany for music and inspiration.

Choreographer: Marguerite

Performers: Marguerite and Art Kusuhara

Marguerite’s costume: Hallah Moustafa; Art Kusuhara’s: Inner Mongolia.

Music: “Tara Shakti Mantra” by Oliver Shanti and Friends

The Lotus and the Cross

A meditative interpretive piece reflecting western and eastern spirituality.

Choreographer: Anaheed

Performers: Anaheed and Siegfried Heep

Music: “Sacred Stones” by Shiela Chandra


Modem interpretive bellydance fighting for life. This is dedicated to my mother. I will always love you.

Choreographer & Performer: Tatianna

Music: Signal

Face It

How the body dances differently with different faces…

Choreographer & Performer: Jheri St. James

Music: “Mish Mish” from Dahlena’s Middle Eastern Music for Belly Dancing Vl. 1.


Feeling a bit abstract, awkward, and uncomfortable.

Choreographer: Amara

Performers: Ya Helewa! (Amara, Cassandra, and Elayssa)

Music: “Ditma” by Ekova

Envenomation – For you or nothing

Choreographers & Performers: Elayssa and Djahari

Sound Engineer: Produced by Joseph of Windows to Sky

Music: Excerpts from Lisa Gerrard, The Fifth Element Gladiator, and Stromkern

The Harem

Intermixing with a self-realizing commentary on the harem and Orientalism is a Persian Fan Dance and a modem Persian interpretive dance.

Part 1 – Painting

Choreographer: Amara

Performers: Harem ladies: Amara, Cassandra, Jheri St. James, Layla, Marula; Tawni Tyndali, and Tonda Kubena; Woman Orientalist: Marguerite; Orientalist Painter: Tristan V.

Part 2 – Seraglio Interlude

Choreographers and Performers: Tandemonium (Jean Duranti and Claudia lmmerzeel)

Music: “Coffee Song” from The Nutcracker and “Aria” by Yanni

Part 3 – The Letter

Written and Narration: Amara

Bare Essences

Foregrounds the form and shape of dance without the distraction of the flesh.

Concept: Anaheed

Performers: Anaheed and Amara

Music: “Egypte” by Cirque du Soleil

Take A Tip

The round basket a symbol of woman, but… what’s in it?

Choreographer & Performer: Jheri St. James

Music: “Said Suite” by Bert Balladine

Undulating Through the Cacti

Western Eastern synergy.

Performers: Desert Sin (Djahari, Tatianna, Cassandra, Tawni Tyndali, Tonda Kubena, and Elayssa)

Sound Engineer: Produced by Joseph of Windows to Sky

Music: “Love Is” Produced by Giac Belli. Excerpts from Juno Reactor, Natasha Atlas, and Ekova

Production Team
Artistic Director and Producer: Amara
Stage Manger: Greg Osweiler
Stage Crew: Paulette Russell, Sanchel, Alison, and Larry Rotunno
Sound/Lighting Designer: Chris Capp
Videographer: Andrew Gaspar

EEMED 2002 Program

A Different Drum

How do modem life and the business world truly affect human nature? When we are still and become aware of the impact of so many unnatural stressors, the light of our inner being yearns to be free.

Choreographer & Performer: Melissa Crandall

Sound Engineer: Chris Fayz

Music: “Endless River” by Mickey Hart/Planet Drum, “A Different Drum” and “The Feeling Begins” by Peter Gabriel

Sacramental Skins

The absence of guilt and sin.

Choreographers & Performers: Desert Sin (Elayssa and Djahari)

Sound Engineer: Joseph of Windows to Sky

Music: “Smack My Bitch Up” by Prodigy, “Dakini1” by Prem Joshua, “Silsila ye Chaahat ka” from Devdas soundtrack

The Jelly

Connecting the jellyfish’s movements with the undulations of Middle Eastern dance.

Choreographer: Amara

Performers: Amara with Tawni Tyndali

Costume: Hallah Moustafa

Music: “Coils” by Robert Rich

Is it Safe to Dance?

The traditional folkloric dances of the Arabian peninsula take on new meaning when performed to Western pop music. This piece is dedicated to Mohammed Khordadian, who was recently convicted in Iran for the corruption of public morals for teaching dance in the United States (not for dancing in Iran). He was banned from dancing or teaching for life and could not leave Iran for 10 years. But as of this week, he has successfully appealed and is now free to leave Iran.

Choreographers & Performers: Tandemonium (Claudia lmmerzeel and Jean Duranti)

Music: “Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats

Darkness of Duality

Choreographers & Performers: Desert Sin (Alsana and Tatianna)

Sound Engineer: Joseph of Windows to Sky

Music: “Glory Box”by Portishead, Dead Can Dance, “Stella Mara” excerpt from Star of the Sea


Playful fusion of American Music and Belly Dance Styling.

Choreographer & Performer: Anaheed

Skirt: Paulette Russell

Music: “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Hailey and The Cooiets, “Wipe Out” by The Surfaris

The Hole in the Willow

A woman struggles to maintain strength and her identity when confronted by the deceitful spirits of her past love.

Choreographer: Amara

Performers: Ya Helewa! (Amara, Cassandra Siegler, and Kim Williams)

Music: “In My Prime” by Ekova

Reoccurring Scream


Choreographer & Performer: Djahari

Sound Engineer: Joseph of Windows to Sky

Music: “Waking the Witch” by Kate Bush, “Dissolved Girl” by Massive Attack, “Night Fight” from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Essence of piano extract from the heart room beast


Duncanesque, Banal el-beledi, and Said dance styles are used to demonstrate the oppression women place upon each other.

Choreographer: Amara

Performers: Ya Helewa! (Amara, Cassandra Siegler, Kim Williams, Tonda Kubena, Tawni Tyndali, Amanda Miller (Fri/Sat), and Tatianna (Sun.))

Music: Excerpts from “Ah Ya Zein” from I Remember Egypt, “Ala Hesb Wedad Galbi” performed by Hossam Ramzy, “Funeral Procession” by Ali Jihad Racy

Cry of the Heart

Inspired by the Sufi ritual of zikr, or “remembrance, ” this choreography draws on gestures from many different cultures of the East which reflect the heart”s innermost yearnings. It also depicts the plight of millions of women who, unseen, have no political voice.

Choreographer: Laurel Victoria Gray

Performers: Tandemonium (Claudia lmmerzeel and Jean Duranti) accompanied by Ya Helewa! (Amara, Cassandra Siegler, Kim Williams, Tonda Kubena, and Tawni Tyndali)

Music: “Shems and Rumi Zikr” from Rapture Rumi by Steven Flynn


Choreographer & Performer: Elayssa

Sound Engineer: Joseph of Windows to Sky

Music: Bigod 20, Swallow Me, Excerpts from “5th Element Soundtrack,” “Overcome” by Tricky, “All is Full of Love (Radio mix)” by Bjork Music


Hysterical historical fiction about Belly Dancing!

Choreographer: Anaheed

Performers: Anaheed with Greg Osweiler (Barkers), Jorjana La Shara, Marie Selame, Caracal (Hootchy-Kootchy Dancers); Alsana, Tonda Kubena (Cane Dancers); and Tawni Tyndall (Go-Go Dancer)

Music: G. Olerich


Trajectories through the encounter of the varying always already there.

Choreographer: Amara

Performers: Ya Helewa! – Amara, Cassandra Siegler, Kim Williams, and Djahari

Video: Scott McClure

Music: “Yalla Chant (Banco De Gaia Remix)” by Natasha Atlas

Production Team
Highways Performance Space
Artistic Director and Producer: Amara
Stage Manger: Greg Osweiler
Stage Crew: David Yohe
Lighting Designer: Juliet Klanchar
Stage Design: Paulette Russell
Sound Technician: Larry Rotunno
Videographer: Scott McClure
Lobby Staff: Guru Dev, Monica Khudan, Marguerite, and Whitney Robinson
Special thanks to Seth Schwartz, Lynne Tepper, Jay Kubena, Ann Berna, Rebecca Holzman, and Herb and Donna Kissling

EEMED 2003 Program

Visitors Between Worlds

We are all visitors here. We pass through cultures. ages, genders and… realities. How do we connect?

Choreographer: Anaheed

Performers: Perfumes of Araby (Anaheed “Tara;” Aja “Laka;” Dawna “Demeter;” Kamaal “Xochipilli;” Daveed, Jenza, Kate Rosloff. Arielle Singer and Janet Wade “Tourists”)

Costume: Anaheed’s headpiece and pearl construction by Doyne Allen Enterprises, Whittier, CA

Music: Excerpts from “Rumeurs” and “Kunya Sobe” from Mystere (Cirque Du Soleil),”Legende De Hiro” from Drum Beats of the Pacific, “Elektra” from Culture by Chris Spheeris, “Ghost Dance” from Obsidian Butterfly. “Brothership” from White Winds by Andreas Wollenweider


When we weight ourselves with doubt and find no beauty in the world we deviate from harmony, and it is those we love most that provides with the strength to bring ourselves back to a truthful, beautiful, and blameless life.

Choreographer: Djahari

Performers: Desert Sin (Alsana, Cassandra, Djahari, and Tatianna)

Sound Engineer: Joseph of Windows to Sky

Music: Excerpts from the Donnie Darke soundtrack and “Concubine Crush Factor#8” by Christopher

When the Gods Came Down From Off of the Mountain

A tribute to the women of Central Asia who removed their veils and danced in public only to be killed by their own family members for “dishonoring” them.

Choreographers: Tandemonium (Claudia lmmerzeel and Jean Duranti)

Performers: Tandemonium (Claudia lmmerzeel and Jean Duranti) with Amanda

Music: “Arrival and the Reunion” and “Ulysses” by Dead Can Dance

The Story of Laurel

Daphne, a wood nymph turns into a Laurel tree by her father in order to avoid the pursuing Apollo. She awakens only to re-live over and over the events which have led her to an inescapable prison.

Choreographer & Performer: Amara

Toga Costume: Paulette Russell

Sound Engineer: Joseph of Windows to Sky

Music: Excepts from “The Perfect Drug” Nine Inch Nails and remixed by Luke Vibert, “Leaving Hope” by Nine Inch Nails, “The Chase” by Ekova, “Zamak” by Lumin, and “Sanvean· by Lisa Gerrard

Ceremony of the Elements

Air, water, fire, and earth celebrate the energizing of a fifth element into the circle of fife.

Choreographers & Performers: Subee Djinn (Katrina Gourley “Humanity”; Lorraine Hanson “Water”; Nikii Henry “Fire”; Tonda Kubena “Air” and Katherine Storen “Earth”)

Music: Excepts from “Time Crash” and “Korben Dallas” from The Fifth Element, “Stiga” by Lumin, “Magnetic” from Tabla Beat Science, “Bird” by Dead Can Dance, “Dhamiwala Da Dhol” by Sukshinder Shinda, and “Ceremony of the Skull” by Solace

A Logical Trek Tribute…

A playful presentation in honor of the first Air Date of “Star Trek “on September 8, 1966.

Choreographer & Performer: “T Anaheed”

Music: “Star Trek Theme” from Leonard Nimoy presents Mr. Spock’s Music from Outer Space

Shiva and Parvati Revisited – A Fiery and Exotic Love Story

Parvati longs for the union of her distal half as the moon longs for the sun but the joining is fortuitous and the ending a surprise.

Choreographer: Meryem Vani

Performers: Meryem Vani and Ken Morris

Music: “lnshallah” by Karunesh, and “Kenny Clarke“ by Charlie Watts and Jim Keltne

Between the Shadows, There’s Steam

Even in Central Asia, girls just want to have fun.

Choreographers & Performers: Tandemonium (Jean Duranti and Claudia lmmerzeel)

Music: “Between the Shadows” by Loreena McKennitt and “Steam” by Peter Gabriel

The Challenge

An example of how fear confines the soul.

Choreographer & Performer: Tatianna

Sound Engineer: Joseph of Windows to Sky

Music: Excerpts from Sheila Chandra, Snake River Conspiracy, Evanescence, and Alicia Keyes.

The Silent Era

Negative Loop.

Choreographer & Performer: Elayssa

Set Designer: Adam Lane

Sound Engineer: Joseph of Windows to Sky

Music: Excerpts from “Perfect Circle Hour” (c1929), “Swanee” by Al Jolson (1920), and “lmhotep” from The Mummy Soundtrack

Plan Nine

A dark comedy inspired by Ed Wood’s sci-fi genre, which combines the macabre with twisted elements of Middle Eastern dance.

Choreographer: Amara

Performers: Ya He!ewa! and guests (Amara “Vampira; ” Amanda, Kalila “Grave Diggers”; Cassandra, Djahari, Lorraine Hanson “Witches;” and Daveed “Policeman”)

Vampira’s dress and UFO: Paulette Russell

Set Designer: Amanda Miller

Sound Engineer: Joseph of Windows to Sky

Music: “Acid Queen (feat Egyptian Musical Club) Serna” by Kirkelig Kulturverksted, “Before I”m Dead” by Kidneythieves,”Shashkin” by Omar Faruk Tekbilek, and “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson

Production Team
Secret Rose Theatre
Artistic Director and Producer: Amara
Stage Manger: Monica Khudan
Stage Crew: David Yohe, Monica Khudan, Kim Williams
Lighting Designer: Juliet Klanchar
Spot Light Controller: Giac Belli
Sound Technician: Sieg Heep
Sound Editor: Joseph of Windows to Sky
Video Service: Offworld Multimedia
Photographer: Herb Kissling
Lobby Staff: Guru Dev, Jenza, Marie Selame, and Janet Wade
Special Thanks To: Adam Lane, Paulette Russell, Ann Berna, and Scott McClure

EEMED 2004 Program

The Three Faces of the Moon

Symbolizing “the complete woman,” three dancers depict significant aspects of womanhood – Maiden, Mother, and Crone – as they dance under the Moon.

Choreographers & Performers:  Bast (Dangeruz, Freya, and Yasan)

Music: “Sensual Goddess” by DJ Masava – Camel Race; Chant of love; Darkness Falls, “Zen and The Art of Chillin”-volume one – “Saraab” by Simon Shaheen, “The Mask and Mirror” by Lereena McKennitt

Dueling Butte’(s)

In a unique, playful “specialty” number Anaheed & Friends display articulate muscle moves to classic American Music!

Concept: Anaheed

Performers: Anaheed, Amara, and Djahari

Music: “Dueling Banjos” from “Deliverance” by Eric Weissberg and Earl Scruggs

Rumble in the Casbah

When a Crusader and Saracen go “bump” in the night, mayhem ensues!

Choreographers & Performers: Tandemonium (Jean Duranti and Claudia Immerzeel)

Music: “Istanbul, not Constantinople” by They Might Be Giants


The rise of spirit from demonic debauchery and the chains of hell to faith, god, love, and fearless abandonment manifests in tantric bliss.

Choreographer: Jenivieve

Performers: Jenevieve featuring Jenevieve’s x-magika dance co. (Annabella, Rosy, Giselle, Sayuri, and Eliza)

Sound Engineer: Jenivieve.  Original intro piece, mixing, and production by charles sedghi of “abcdefg” Co.

Music: “Jila’la l – Nocturnal Ritual” by The Brave, “Tantric Tara” by Jonathan Goldman, and additional vocals by Jenevieve


A couple deals with depression by transferring and diffusing the pain between one another.

Choreographer: Amara

Performers: Amara and Elayssa

Sound Engineer: Joseph of Windows to Sky

Music: Excerpts from: “The Chase” by Ekova, “Please” by Nine Inch Nails, “First Transmittion” by Al-pha-X, “Leaving Hope” by Nine Inch Nails, “Time is Running Out” by Muse, and “Le Printempts” by Natacha Atlas


The mythology of the mermaid longing for what she does not have, the ability to walk on land, is expressed through the sideshow tradition of glass-walking.

Choreographer & Performer: Cassandra

Costume: Jessica Westbrook, Jason Savolainen, and Tatianna

Sound Engineer: Joseph of Windows to Sky

Music: “The Monk Song” by Miranda Sex Garden, excerpts from “Freezing” by Miranda Sex Garden and “That’s How You Sing (Amazing Grace)” by Low

Loie Fuller: Goddess of Light

In an interpretive historic recreation, Anaheed pays tribute to Loie Fuller, an innovative American Dancer who performed in Paris in the 1890’s and utilized light, fabric, and symbolic imagery to create extraordinary dance performances.

Choreographer & Performer: Anaheed

Music: “Toccata and Fugue in D minor” by J.S. Bach

Special credit to lighting designer Geoff Hathaway

Part 1 and 2

Five slightly off kiltered characters follow shared movement sequences with their own set of rules.

Choreographer: Amara

Performers: Ya Helewa! (Amara, Amanda, Jalilah, Kalila, and Shazadeh)

Music: “Mad Keys” by Al-pha-X


In dreams, more truth is revealed than in reality.

Choreographers * Performers: Subee Djinn (Katherine, Katrina, Nikii, Sashi, and Tonda)

Sound Engineer: Lorraine Hanson

Music: Excerpts from “One Day” by Bjork, “Soap Kills” by Dub4Me, “Breton Medley” by Azam Ali, “Bulgarian Breakbeats” by Kenji Kawai, “Absinthe” by Blade Fetish, “Play” by Miranda Sex Garden, “Persian Love Song” by Lisa Gerrard, and “Fun Does not Exist” by Natacha Atlas

Cut from Stone

A piece about devotion, liberation, and the musicality of sculpture.

Choreographer & Performer: Ricodancer of BelCobraDance

Music: “Isis” and “Fortuna” by Synaulia


We’re calling. Come hither, we want you to follow.  Down where we dance in the water green hollow.  We’ll sweep you to carelessness, wrap you in dreams, your land chains we’ll sever. You’ll stay here forever.

Concept: Kim Wistos “Saviya”

Performers: Myths (Eve, Rebecca, Saviya, Sitara, and Zahor)

Costumes:; Headdresses: Kim Wistos

Music: “Leeloo” from The Fifth Element and “Louis’ Revenge” from Interview With a Vampire

Rumble in the Casbah, Part Deux

Those wacky warriors are at it again!  This time there is a surprise (or two).

Choreographers & Performers: Tandemonium

Music: “Rock The Casbah” by The Clash

Volatile Bodies

Drawing on movements from the Mevlevi Sema, Egyptian Zar, and Moroccan Guedra, dancers express the space between disharmony and support.

Choreographer: Amara

Performers: Ya Helewa! (Amara, Amanda, Jalilah, Kalila, and Shazadeh)

Music: “The Righteous Path” by Natacha Atlas


A Fairy Court is infiltrated by goblins and chaos ensues until the power of the Fairy Queen sets things right and her love restores the King to her side.

Choreographers: Djahari and Elayssa

Performers: Desert Sin (Djahari, Elayssa, Tatianna, Cassandra, Lorraine, Sina, Katherine, Amanda, Sayaka, Unique, Akasha)

Sound Engineer: Djahari

Music: “Remembrance” by Delerium, “Hope Has a Place” by Enya, “Maris” by Stellamara, “Nar I Ney” by Arabian Travels, “Siip Siie,” “Sabura,” “The Storm,” and “La Nef des Fous” by Ekova, “Cantara” by Dead Can Dance

Production Team
The Electric Lodge
Artistic Director and Producer: Amara
Stage Manger: Monica Khudan
Stage Crew Manager: Greg Osweiler
Stage Crew: David Yohe
Lighting Designer: Geoff Hathaway
Sound Editor: Joseph of Windows to Sky
Video Service: Offworld Multimedia
Photographer: Herb Kissling
Lobby Staff: Jenza, Andrea Hoberman, Guru Dev
Special Thanks To: Paulette Russell, Lynne Tepper, Ann Berna, and Scott McClure

EEMED 2005 Program


There’s a ghost in our home…

Performer: Laurie Buenafe

Music: “Watching You Without Me” by Kate Bush

Loie Fuller: Goddess of Light

In an interpretive historic recreation, Anaheed and Amara pay tribute to Loie Fuller, an innovative American Dancer who performed in Paris in the 1890’s and utilized light, fabric, and symbolic imagery to create extraordinary dance performances.

Performers: Anaheed and Amara

Concept by: Anaheed

Costume by: Dick Magnanti

Music: “Caribbean Blue” by Enya


Deep in the wilderness, a tribe of female warriors performs traditional primal rituals asking the Gods for prosperity and guidance — the future of their people depends on it!

Performers: Myths (Christopher Villa, Edward Ramirez, Eve, Gerare Reyes, Kate Slepicka, Logan, Rebecca Roberts, Saviya, Shannon Roberts, Sina, Sitara, and Zahor)

Concept, Costume Design/Construction, Musical Engineering, Choreography, and Stage Combat: A complex collaboration of the Myths cast.

Music: Excerpts from: “Captured” and “Hulk’s Freedom” by Danny Elfman from “Hulk” Soundtrack, “African Mediterranean” by North Africa, “Rwakanembe (Traditional)” by Amampondo from “Feel the Pulse of Africa,” “Thad Goes Ape” by Danny Elfman from “Planet of the Apes” Soundtrack, “Sandstorm” by Peter Gabriel from “The Last Temptation Of Christ,” and “Fun Does Not Exist” by Natasha Atlas from “Diaspora”

Minnie the Moocher Dance

This is a fun tribute to Cab Calloway and his hit song “Minnie the Moocher,” and the era of the Hoochie Coochie dancers. Hoochie Coochie dancing was a vaudeville and night club spin off of “Little Egypt.” Hi-de-hi-de-hi-di-hi!  Ho-de-ho-de-ho-de-ho!

Performer: Dawna

Music: “Minnie the Moocher” performed by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy


A unique interpretation of this ancient story about a triangular relationship between Lilith (the first woman), Adam (the first man), and Eve (the Other woman).

Performers: Amara, Brandon D. Nilles, and Djahari

Concept by: Djahari with Amara

Music: Excerpts from: “Refuge” by Vas, “Choralone” by Skinny Puppy, Göĝün Yedi Katı” by Brian Keane, “The Becoming” and “The Fragile” by Nine Inch Nails, “King of Trash” by Gavin Friday, “Change” by Deftones, “Oj Jabuko” by Stellamara, “Palmira” by Faltriqueira, “Point of Disgust” by Low, “Let Go” by Frou Frou, “Just Like a Dream” by Natacha Atlas, and “My Weakness” by Moby

Costumes by: Heather Hoxsey

Music Producers: Djahari, Amara, and Joseph of Windows to Sky

Pandora’s Box

“Pandora, dear Pandora, have pity upon us! Free us from this gloomy prison! Open, open, we beg you!”

Evil \E”vil\ ([=e]”v”l) n. Anything which impairs the happiness of a being or deprives a being of any good; anything which causes suffering of any kind to sentient beings; injury; sorrow; harm; distress; destruction — opposed to good. evil•ly adv.; evil•ness n.

Performers: Myths (Christopher Villa, Edward Ramirez, Eve, Gerare Reyes, Kate Slepicka, Rebecca Roberts, Saviya, Shannon Roberts, Sina, Sitara, and Zahor)

Concept, Costume Design/Construction, Musical Engineering, Choreography, and Stage Combat: A complex collaboration of the Myths cast.

Music: Excerpts from: “Orpheus and Eurydice, Dance of the Blessed Spirits” by Gluck, “Flug des Madches” and “Die Hyane” by Musick fur Fische, “Temptation” by Diana Krall, “Tomorrow Never Dies” from “James Bond Theme,” “The Search for Jim” from “28 Days Later,” “The Boat Chase” from “The Italian Job,” “Revolutionary Etude in A Minor, Op 10, No.12” by Chopin, “The Song of Solitude (The Cry of Isolde)” by Arcana, “Flight to the Ford” from “LotR – Fellowship of the Rings,” “Give Me Your Names” from “Schindler’s List,” and various sound effects and speeches

The Monkey King

Goddesses, a Monk, and other magical creatures portray an ancient Chinese epic journey in search of the ultimate treasure. Fusion music and movements bring the characters to life in this interpretation by 21st century dancers.

Performers: Perfumes of Araby (Anaheed, Daveed, Paulette, Sa, Tawni, and Tonda)

Concept by: Tawni

Direction by: Kamaal and the group mind!

Stage Ninja: Paulette Russell

Costumes by: Dick Magnanti, Paulette Russell, and Individuals dancers

Voice Over: Jess Winfield

Music: All selections from “Balance” by Solace, Jeremiah M. Soto

Music Producer: Hughes Hall

Delirium Awakens the Sacred Spirit

In traditional Central Asian cultures, the shamans summon the power of animal spirits by mimicking their movements and the rhythms of nature.

Performers: Tandemonium (Jean Duranti and Claudia Immerzeel)

Music: Folk songs from the Balkans and traditional rhythms of Central Asia.

Headpieces by: Matt DeHaven

Magic Lives On

Houdini’s wife revisits his grave for any signs of his return

Performer: Lorraine

Music: Excerpts from: “Metropolitain” by Emmanuel Santarromana, “30 Minutes” by T.A.T.U., and “Inner Universe” by Origa


An expression of the horror and chaos of mass destruction.

Performers: Ya Helewa! (Amara, Ida Clare, Jalilah, Kalila) and Friends (Janel, Lotus Flower, Nella, Tawni, and Tova)

Improvisational Structure by: Amara

Music: “Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima” by Krzysztof Pernderekci

Building Costumes by: Paulette Russell

An Ode to Silent Film

Djahari and Elayssa have spent years attending, researching and enjoying Silent films. As fans of this era, they felt inspired to combine a few of their favorite films into one dance. This piece is an ode to the following beloved classics: “The Dying Swan” (1916), “The Eyes of the Mummy” (1918), and “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” (1919). Although these films all tell a fairly tragic tale, expect a heavy dose of some of that old Silent Era comedy to keep you laughing.

Performers: Desert Sin (Cassandra, Djahari, Elayssa, Tatianna, and Brad Miller)

Music: “I’m Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now” by Jane Green, excerpts from “The Mummy” soundtrack, “Derwood Green” by Phil Thornton and Hossam Ramzy, and a vintage bellydance song by an unknown artist

Music Producer: Djahari


Becoming a belly dancer.

Performer:  Amara

Music: “Right Where it Belongs” by Nine Inch Nails

Videography: Scott McClure of Off World

Video Editing: Amara and Ana Berna of Rox A Lot

Production Team

EEMED 2006 Program

Instant Review

A traditional Egyptian Folk dancer explores her relationship with the audience.

Choreographer & Performer: Amara

Music: “Leylat Al Farha” and “Hezzi Il Asaya” by Aswan, “Desert Whispers” by Muhammad Sultan – Ahla Leila, and “Raksat El Helween” from “Belly Dance Nights”

One Look Back

Everyone must remember the past to find the future. May it be a journey of a destroyed culture, a love lost, or broken dream. Through inspiring music written by Ricky, Tatianna will be taking only one look back in this dance of the shadowy past and light breaking future.

Choreographer & Performer: Tatianna

Harpist: Ricky Rasura

Move Along

A whimsical, “who cares?” fusion of lyrical dance and belly dance. Dedicated to David Heiman.

Choreographer & Performer: RicoDancer

Music: “Show Me the Way to Go Home” by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a glimpse into the dizzying emotional space that occupies the ending of a relationship. It is bellydance re-imagined; bellydance infused with modern and lyrical dance. The movements explore the contrasting elements of these dance forms – the stretch, length, and skeletal movements of modern and lyrical against the internal, controlled, muscular movements of bellydance; the languid musicality of lyrical dance with the percussiveness and fluidity of bellydance – to illustrate a world in which the ground falls away every time you get yourself collected. The dance is emotional storytelling, and moves through confusion, frustration, hurt, and ultimately, letting go.

Choreographer & Performer: Cera

Music: “Hide & Seek” by Imogen Heap

In Memoriam

A tribute to our loved ones who recently departed for the afterlife. When we go to join them, will they be there waiting for us, or will they have moved on to another place?

Choreographers & Performers: Tandemonium (Jean Duranti and Claudia Immerzeel)

Sound Engineer: Tim Sewell

Music: “Shen Khar Venakhi” from Kitka”s “Vine Album”


A cowgirl and her horse encounter beautiful dancing mirages in their overly extended death scene.

Choreographer: Amara

Performers: Ya Helewa! (Amara, Janel, and Tova) and Friends (Anaheed, Djahari, Nella, and Tatianna)

Horse Costume: Tatianna, Paulette Russell, and Surie Shore

Music: “The Unveiling” by US Conductors from “Arabica vol. 3: Voyages Into North African Sound”

Fox and Swan

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.”  –Rumi

Choreographer & Performer: Laurie Buenafe Krsmanovic

Music: “Ne Po Pogrebu Bochonochelk Kataetsja” by Kitka

On the Wrong Side of Nowhere

Shedding layers to reach a place of tranquility.

Choreographer & Performer: Amara

Music: “Every Day is Exactly the Same” and “Beside You in Time” by Nine Inch Nails, “Breath Me” by Sia, “In The Shadow Of Life“ by Niyaz, and “Loving You (Maroc Version)” by Nouri Featuring Ydama

The Thieving Magpie

This is the beginning of what will likely become an epic dance of birds, but for now we start simple…one bird: The Magpie. Magpies are from the Corvidae family which are known for their highly developed mentality, a propensity to be gregarious and aggressive, omnivorous behavior, and tendency to pair for life. Their courtship displays are often used just to keep their monogamous partner interested. Magpies are also known for their great attraction to shiny or bright objects…audience beware!

Choreographers & Performer: Djahari Clark with Cassandra

Music: Excerpts from “La Gazza Ladra” by Gioacchino Rossini

the evening of a fawn – or is it a faun?

“God has given us a dark wine so potent that drinking it, we leave the two worlds . . . There are thousands of wines that can take over minds.  Don’t think all ecstasies are the same . . . Drink from the presence of saints, not from those other jars.  Every object, every being, is a jar full of delight . . . Drink the wine that moves you.” –Rumi

Choreographer & Performer: Chapelina

Music: “Form 5” by Greg Ellis from “Kala Rupa”


The effects of divorce and domestic violence…

Choreographer & Performer: Nella

Sound Engineer: Gregory Swanson

Music: “Mr. Roger s Neighborhood” by Fred Rogers, “Little Earthquakes” by Tori Amos, “Somewhat Damaged” by Nine Inch Nails, “User Friendly” by Marilyn Manson, and “A Warm Place” by Nine Inch Nails

Shimmering Shedding Sheela

A snake comes out for an evening to shed her old life and radiate with her new skin.

Choreographer & Performer: Erin

Music: “Cleopatra in New York”

Elemental Loie Fuller

In an interpretive historic recreation, we pay tribute to Loie Fuller, an innovative American Dancer who performed in Paris in the 1890’s and utilized light, fabric, and symbolism to create extraordinary dance images. Tonight, the dancers will be using approximately 25 yards *each* of white silk to create a unique, visionary performance

Concept: Anaheed

Performers: Perfumes of Araby (Anaheed, Amara, and Tonda)

Costume: Kamaal

Music: “Caribbean Blue” by Enya

Production Team

EEMED 2007 Program

The Tortoise and the Hare

Who wins?

Choreographers & Performers: Subee Djinn (Nikii and SuperKate)

Music: Excerpts from “Middlesex Times” by Michael Andrews from “Donnie Darko” Soundtrack, “Yakety Sax” by James Q. Rich and Boots Randolph from “Benny Hill Show,” “The Jezebel Spirit” by Brian Eno and David Byrne from “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts,” “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis from “Chariots of Fire” Soundtrack, and “Infusion” by The Lucifer Scale From “The Black Bible”


BabaYaga is the crone, the witch, and the earth-mother. She lives in a log cabin that moves around by means of a pair of chicken legs. She aids those who are pure of heart and eats the souls of those that visit her unprepared or cross her. Every time someone asks this wise woman a question, she ages another year… which has made her a bit grumpy. Here, she makes a magic potion that allows her to regain her youth.

Performers: Desert Sin

BabaYaga: Akasha, Djahari, Elayssa, Sayaka, Sherri, and Sina. Little Girl: Stevie

BabaYaga’s House: Jesse Kingsley, Adam Lathers, Chrissy Jessee-Miller, Adam Wagner, and Tatianna

Costume: Desert Sin Sweat Shop

Music: Ezertep-Le Bereyin Be, Excerpts from “Akira” and “Daemonia Nymph”

Falling for Echo

Losing her way in a forest, Narcisa hears a hauntingly beautiful echo. (In the music, a second, softer orchestra represents Echo.) Shortly thereafter, she finds a magnificent gift. At first, she joyfully thinks the present is from a mysterious suitor. But when Narcisa’s loving hunt cannot find its giver, she becomes disheartened. As Narcisa is about to give up, another gift falls from the sky. She then comes to realize that she has fallen in love with Echo. Though they have had a brief moment of love through sound and dance, Narcisa knows their love is forever doomed to remain unfulfilled.

Choreographer & Performer: Amara

Costume: Dick Magnanti

Sound Engineer: Joseph of Windows to Sky

Music: Concerto “Per eco in lontano” by Antonio Vivaldi

Ashes and Bone

She is the banshee, the shaman, the crone, the Bone Woman, the wicked witch, the one who tells the fortune you don’t want to hear. Crawling out of the funeral pyre, she reanimates the bones of the sacrificial animal cut down in its prime, screaming in rage and despair. No meat on the bone, no fire in the heart; no breath in the body, no soul in the art. Nothing left but ashes and bone.

Choreographer Performer: Sayyadina

Music: “Condemnation” by Solace from Nagari

Thanks for the Mammaries

The female body has long been the topic of fascination since ancient times. The goddess statue of the “Venus of Willendorf” with her large, pendulous breasts is an early example of fertility and fecundity. Female breasts have emerged as the primary physical icons of popular American culture, the sina qua non of eroticism and beauty. In tandem, Middle Eastern Dance was deeply influenced by this cultural focus and the dance has evolved accordingly.

Choreographers & Performers: Tandemonium (Jean Duranti and Claudia Immerzeel) and guest Ida Clare

Scarlet Affair

The sacrifice of blood can bring a waiting spirit breath again, but it may never fully walk this earth again.

Choreographer: Tatianna

Performers: Tatianna, Brian, and Djahari

Music: “All She Could Ask For” by Creatures from “Hybrids” and excerpts from Dead Can Dance

Structured improvisation #2

Ya Helewa! uses pre-set rules and spontaneous interconnectivity to move as a unit without being the Same in an exploration of space, music, and movement.

Concept: Amara

Performers: Ya Helewa! (Amara, Jalilah, Tova, and Zafirah)

Rules: Ya Helewa!

Music: “Dunya” by Niyaz from “Niyaz,” “Familiar Stranger (Genuine Mix)” by Namito feat. Azadeh from “Oriental Garden,” and “Fables Gold” by Nero from “Arabic Beats”

Sweet Stillness: The Suicide of Cleopatra

Cleopatra was one of the most prolific and powerful rulers of her time. A brilliant woman, she chose her own policies, her lovers and even her own way to die. Death is an inevitable part of life and inevitably, more powerful than us all.

Choreography & Costume: Chapelina

Performers: Chapelina and Noelle Brooks

Music: “Moksha” by Vas


One mind, divided.

Choreography: Elayssa, Sayyadina, and Sherri

Performers: Elayssa, Nikii, Sayyadina, and Sherri

Music: “Dub about me” from Miss Kitten


Journey the path of voyeur as a spirit unfolds its sinister hauntings and travels to the places within and finds the enchanted one beneath…

Choreographer & Performer: Ariellah

Music: Excerpts from “Forbidden Fruit” by Kronos Quartet, “Black Box Part 2” by Recoil, Anastasia, “Fleecing Punters” by Pentaphobe, and “Lantern” by Tribal Derivations

Egyptian Ella

So if you hear of a gal who can quake and shake. “Till it makes you think of a nervous snake. They’re speakin’ of Egyptian Ella.

Choreographer & Performer: Amara

Music: “Egyptian Ella” by Mora’s Modern Rhythmists from “My Favorite Band”

The Pirates Of Arrrrraby

The Perfumes of Araby dance company enjoys sharing both the artistic *and* the playful side of Belly Dance performance. Especially for EEMED, they have a new presentation that incorporates a popular movie theme, high energy choreography, and rollicking theatricality! Yo-ho-ho and prepare to be boarded by “The PIRATES of Arrrrraby.”

Concept: Anaheed

Choreography: The Group Mind

Performers: Perfumes of Araby (Anaheed, Kamaal, Sa, Surie, and Tonda)

Sound Engineer: Joseph of Windows to Sky and Hughes Hall

Costume concept: Anaheed

Costume construction: Sa

Music: Excerpts from “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl” and “My Senora” by Harry Belafonte

Production Team

EEMED 2008 Program


In-between life and death.

Choreographer, Performer & Sound Engineer: Amara

Music: “In this Twilight” by Nine Inch Nails from Year Zero

Lot’s Wife

This is a dance about the possibility of a pre-defined path. In this biblical story of punishment and transformation we take the stance that Mrs. Lot had no choice but to look back, and was used by design as a message to all of humankind. What that message is remains up to us to decide.

Choreographers: Djahari and Elayssa

Performers: Desert Sin (Sina and Tatianna)

Costume: Jenza

Sound Engineer: Djahari

Music: “Etheros” and “Over the Border” by Daemonia Nymphe from Love Sessions, “Kali Basa” by Vas from Feast of Silence

Spy vs Spies

James Bond… Austin Powers… Inspector Cleauseau. The names of the most famous spies of our time are as familiar as their theme songs. To protect his own auditory territory, one spy must now outwit them all.

Choreographer & Performer: Sayyadina

Music: “Sorrow and Veil” by Solace from Nagari

Enchanted Dune

Gulistan Dance Theater, specializing in traditional dances of the Silk Road, departs from its usual fare this evening. Originally included in a dance suite entitled “In the Shadow of the Caravan,” Enchanted Dune takes inspiration from a legendary superstition held by early Silk Road travelers. By blending tradition with imagination and innovation, Gulistan creates a fable of its own.

Concept and Choreography: Carolyn Krueger, in collaboration with cast

Performers: Gulistan Dance Theater (Nikii Henry, Monica Ramos, and Donna Speckman, with Pawan Tulachan)

Women’s Costumes: Nikii Henry, in collaboration with C. Krueger

Set design: C. Krueger and David Yohe

Sound Engineer: Michael Cox, C. Krueger, and SuperKate

Music: “Night Caravan” by Hossein Alizadeh from From Eons Ago, “Mohini (Enchantment),” “Oasis, and “Echoes of a Lost City” by Yo-Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble from Silk Road Journeys – Beyond the Horizon, “Janjara” by James Asher from Shaman Drums.


A tranquil fusion of ballet and Middle Eastern dance.

Choreographer & Performer: Amara

Music: “Minara” by Niyaz

Peach, Plum, Pear

Changing schematics.

Choreographers: Elayssa with Nikii, Sayyadina, and Sina

Performers: Elysium Dance Theatre (Elayssa, Nikii, Sayyadina, and Sina)

Costume: Elayssa

Music: “Symphony 2 and the Click Boom Boom” by Emily Wells, “Peach, Plum, Pear” by Joanna Newsom, and sound effects provided by Daniel Coleman.

Sound Engineer: Joseph of Windows to Sky

Special thanks to Nick Soracco, Jessica Stone and Kimmy Weaver

XIN * ~ kokoro

This piece is inspired by the story of Yang Guifei (719-756) who was beloved by the Xuanzong Emperor (621-756) of Tang Dynasty from ancient China. Yang Guifei was the wife of the Emperor’s son until she was taken to the Emperor to impress him with her beauty and soon became his most powerful Consort. This triggered the Anshi Rebellion, which led the Emperor to strangle her in order to protect his empire. Regardless of his action, that same year Xuanzong was forced to abdicate his throne.
* XIN … heart, feeling, to believe, to suffer, happiness, war, envious, wealth

Choreographer: Sayaka Pereira

Performers: Sayaka Pereira (Yang Guifei), Bailey Williams (Xuanzong Emperor), and Michael Lee (Imperial Guard)

Music: “Dawn” and “Flower” by Kokingumi from Zen Garden, Karaoke version of “Babylon” by Naked Rhythm from Frequency, “Cobra’s Dance” by Thornton/Ramzy from Eternal Egypt, and “Kodo” by Kodo

Dance for a Beautiful Life

Kamaal has created this dance piece, with the help of his friends “The Perfumes of Araby,” as a memorial to his mother, Anna Lucille Magnanti, who passed way on September 2, 2007. This spiritual journey begins before the spark of life, and ends with the dissipation of the soul back into the Universe.
This dance is for you Mom, thank you for a lifetime of inspiration! Love, Kamaal.”

Choreographer: Kamaal

Performers: Anaheed, Kamaal, and Tonda

Costumes: Dick Magnanti, with additions by Anaheed and Tonda

Dance Production Manager: Chris Zimmerman

Electrical Special Effects Engineer: Alan McFarland

Sound Engineer: Joseph of Windows to Sky

Music: “Apparition” by Delerium

The Washer at the Ford (The Morrigan II)

Invoking the Celtic goddess The Morrigan in her guise as The Washer at the Ford, the keening woman in white; the Bean sidhe, the wailing woman at the river foretelling death with her appearance; in grief, she becomes Death. In memory of Coda.

Choreographer & Performer: Aepril Schaile

Costume: Sanguine and Aepril Schaile

Music: “Death is the Ultimate Woman” by Monica Richards from Infrawarrior, with additional samples by Aepril

Warm Fuzzies

Once upon a time, happy and good people lived in a land of plenty. That is, until Greed came to dwell amongst them…

Choreographer: Amara

Performers: Ya Helewa! (Amara, Ida Clare, Jalilah, Janel, Tatianna, and Tova) and Friends (Lauren, Mara, Nella, Nikii, and Sina)

Costume concept: Amara with Tatianna

Costume construction: Tatianna

Props: The Barbarian Toyshop

Sound Engineer: Amara

Music: “Steel Bird” and “Aurora’s Flight” by Ekova from Space Lullabies, “The Berber Of Seville” by Bombay Dub Orchestra from Oriental Garden Vol4, “Sobek on the Prowl” by Natacha Atlas from Foretold In The Language Of Dreams, “Temoine” by Ekova from Soft Breeze & Tsunami Breaks, “Yelele” by Studio Pagol from Oriental Garden Vol4, “Bi’eynak” by Nawal Al Zoghbi from Oriental Garden Vol4, “Siko Horepse” by Irini Merkouri from Oriental Garden Vol4

Production Team
The Electric Lodge Theatre
Artistic Director and Producer: Amara
Production Assistant: Tatianna
Stage Manager: Monica Khudan
Stage Crew Manager: Greg Osweiler
Stage Crew: Brian Tade
Lighting Designer: Louis Salazar
Lighting Technician: Mario Bonassin
Sound Technician: Brian True
Sound Editor: Joseph of Windows to Sky
Video Services: Roxalot Entertainment
Photographers: Herb Kissling and Chris Laudermillk
Lobby Staff: Jennifer Barnett, Jenza, Cathy Thompson, Swany and Steve Updike

EEMED 2013 Program

Experimental Improvisation

Spontaneous Physical Becomings: Mixing. Mixing. Mixing Musical Modes, Moods. Scraping, Ascending, Carving, Twinkling, Switching, Pausing, Stop-ping. First Language. First Communication. Bodies and Sounds Learning, Merging, Speaking.

Concept: Djahari

Performers: Djahari, Hannah, Amara, and Anaheed

Composers and Musicians: David Kammerer & Joe Savage

Soul’s Migration

In Egyptian mythology, the migratory behavior of the stork was linked to the soul’s departure from and return to a sleeping or deceased human. This is a work in progress that will be integrated into a larger production, titled “Cloud Cuckooland,” slated for a New York opening in 2014. It is dedicated to Dan.

Choreographer & Performer: Djahari

Composers and Musicians: David Kammerer (live) and Joe Savage’s “Versed Glissade” (recorded)

Costume: Djahari and Kristin Costa

Excerpts from Crossings: A Journey through the Seasons and Across Dimensions in a Collage of Alchemy and Ornament Winter’s End: Mountain Ancestors

Choreographer: C. Krueger with the cast

Performers: Gulistan Dance Theater: Carolyn Krueger (Maiden of the Snows), Gigi Corkett, Jane Glaser, Donna Speckman, and Akiko Tanikawa (Guides)

Costumes/Props: N. Henry and C. Krueger

Music: “She Starts Singing” from “Relaxing Bamboo Flute” Around the year 200 AD in Alexandria, Egypt, an influential philosopher taught that after death, the blessed “were to be reborn in the form of spheres, and that they would roll into eternity.” The Book of Imaginary Beings by Jorge Luis Borges.

First Spring: Blue Sky, White Wing – A Central Asian Creation Myth

Choreographer: C. Krueger

Performers: Gulistan Dance Theater: Nikii Henry (White Wing – Umai Ene, the Earth Goddess) and Gigi Corkett, Jane Glaser, Donna Speckman, and Akiko Tanikawa (First Flowers)

Costumes: N. Henry & C. Krueger

Voiceover: C. Krueger (text based on “Tales Told in Tents” by Sally Pomme Clayton)

Music: “Kyzyl Gul” by Kenjegul Kubatova from “Music of Central Asia Vol. 4;” “Summer in the High Grassland” by Yo-Yo Ma; and The Silk Road Ensemble from “Silk Road Journeys: Beyond the Horizon”

Avant la Pluie (Before the Rain)

Mihrimah presents an extract of her 40-minute solo dance piece entitled, “Leben” (Live). “Avant la Pluie” (Before the rain) translates into movement these moments of excitement, which seem to precede every great event in life. These moments of tension where you know the rain is going to fall, without ever being able to predict exactly when.

Choreographer & Performer: Mihrimah Ghaziya

Music: “Avant la Pluie” by René Aubry from “Après la Pluie”

Fusion Askew

This new American belly dance genre is pushed and pulled into modern angles and positions with hints of insect expressions.

Choreographer & Performer: Amara

Music: Excerpts: “Reptile’ by Nine Inch Nails from “The Downward Spiral;” “The Space in Between” by How to Destroy Angels from “How to Destroy Angels;” “Deep Playa” from “Arcana,” “Byond I” from “Tribal Matrix,” and “Faqir” by Jef Stott; “Militance Prom” by Idiot Pilot from “Strange We Should Meet Here;” “Amnzero” by Kidneythieves from “Zerospace;” and “Download” by Skinny Puppy from “Last Rights”

Onania: Or the Heinous Sin of Self-Pollution

In the 18th Century a medical pamphlet was released describing in detail the deadly effects of masturbation. In the age of Enlightenment, they said, “A false step led not so much to sin as to disease and decay.” Throughout history female masturbation has been generally repressed and is still often considered taboo. Here we explore the decaying effects of masturbation in the female species.

Choreographer: Djahari

Performers: Desert Sin: Djahari Clark (Dir.) and Cassandra Rosebeetle

Music and Video Editing: Djahari Clark

Cinematographer: Tony Notarberardino

Costume: Djahari, Cassandra, and Kristin Costa

Music: Text from the original medical pamphlet titled “Onania, Or The Heinous Sin of Self-Pollution,” by Paul Rome; “Unison” by Bjork; “Svefn-G-Englar” by Sigor Ros; “Ghost of Love” by David Lynch; “He Literally Rearranged Her Organs With His Giant Pussykilling Meatstick” by Enduser

The Burn

The Burn draws upon movement vocabulary from North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia, including mystical and trance traditions such as the zar, guedra, and Sufi practices. Flamenco, interpretive sacred Persian dance, and western contemporary dance are fused together to convey themes of spiritual longing and abandonment, and the intensity of the sublimely erotic bubbling cauldron of transformation.

Choreographer & Performer: Hannah Romanowsky

Music: “Bachelorette” by Björk’s from “Homogenic”

Sacred Sun

A quiet magic flows between the worlds unseen the Silent Power Amaterasu wind water earth fire beckon you, O Sacred Sun.

Choreographers, Performers & Costumes: Tandemonium (Jean Duranti and Claudia Immerzeel) with guest artist Matt DeHaven

Voiceovers: M. DeHaven and “Lily” by Kate Bush from “The Red Shoes”

Music: “The Last Samurai” by Hans Zimmer and “Tuuli – Wind Raising” by Hedningarna from “The Heathens Fire”

Stella Nativitatem

Birth of a star presents a symbolic vision featuring capes made in the style of Loïe Fuller; the American dance artist who used silk and light to create fascinating, evocative images.

Concept: Anaheed

Choreographers: The Group Mind

Performers: The Perfumes of Araby: Anaheed (Dir.), Sa, Tonda, and Turk

Costume construction: Turk and Sa Additional sounds effects: Hughes Hall

Music: “My Name is Lincoln” by Steve Jablonsky from “The Island”


Mihrimah re-interprets the character of Salomé. Far from the dangerous temptress, her Salomé returns as a sensual alternative to the disincarnated spirituality of the Christian. Her body is sacred because it is the siege of the spirit. The famous veils, as they are removed from her eyes and body, are no longer a sign of seduction, but everyone’s path towards truth and spiritual revelation.

Choreographer & Performer: Mihrimah Ghaziya

Voiceover: Joel Carnat Music: “Kali Basa” by Vas from “Feast of Silence”

Zefiro Torna (Zephyr (the west wind that brings Spring) Returns)

Two young fellows go out into the world looking for love. A fusion of Baroque, Persian, and belly dance.

Choreographer: Amara

Performers: Ya Helewa! Amara (Dir.) and Mihrimah Ghaziya Music: “Zefiro Torna” by Claudio Monteverdi from “Monteverdi: Madrigali Concertati”

Production Team
Electric Lodge Theatre
Artistic Director and Producer: Amara
Stage Manager: Monica Khudan
Stage Crew: Gloria Thurman
Lighting Designer: Lauren Wemischner
Lighting Technician: Mario Bonassin
Sound Editor: Joseph of Windows to Sky
Video Service: Roxalot Entertainment
Photographers: Herb Kissling and Chris Laudermillk
Lobby Manager: Jennifer Barnett
Lobby Staff: Amanda Miller, Nella, Kim Williams, Shakti Maisen