Take Your Teaching to New Levels!

Expand you teaching practice!

We all want to become better educators. By developing new skills, we can support our students and keep our passion for teaching alive!

Dance Teacher Training workshops present concepts and tools which new teachers can use to create classes. Seasoned teachers can also quickly apply the materail to their current curriculum.

Dr Laura (Amara Dances) Osweiler can adjust topics and lengths from 1 to 5 hours. If you need more in-depth learning and practice, she also has a teacher training program.

Not a teacher? Amara has workshops on injury prevention & health for you too!

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Amara dances bellates side stretch dance teacher training workshops

Injury Prevention

Designing Warm ups and Cool Downs

Basic Anatomy for Dancers

Understanding the Physical Benefits and Drawbacks of Middle Eastern Dance

Creating Modifications

Stretches and Exercises to maintain Balance

Amara Dances teaches students dance teacher training workshops

Dance Pedagogy | Teacher Training

How to Offer Feedback and Evaluation

Know Your Students and How They Learn

Making Your Classes Dynamic by Using Different Teaching Styles

Amara dances Var Rico Maurice

Dance Production

Introduction to Dance Productions (Beg)

Introduction to Dance Theater Productions (Adv)