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Amara Dances sword on shoulder bellydance

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Amara Dances teaches students teacher training

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Amara Dances orange veil swirl bellydance

Belly Dance

Amara teaches Classic American belly dance which has roots in numerous dance styles and developed in the MENAHT (the Middle East, North Africa, Hellas (Greece) and Turkey) nightclub & restaurant scene. Dancers wearing beautiful costumes (called bedlah), veils & zils (finger cymbals) perform with bands to entertain and wow audiences of all ages.
Work on

  • Technique (isolation, muscle control, posture)
  • Improvisation Skills
  • Styling
  • Choreography
  • How to Create a Dance
  • Props (veil, sword, stick (assayah), finger cymbals (zils/sagats)
  • Musicality & Rhythms (iqa’at)
  • Performance Skills & Expression
  • Culture & History


Amara’s teaching experience

Amara’s shows & productions

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