Injury Prevention for Dance Teachers
As teachers we are responsible for the health of our students during dance class. It is our responsibility to ensure that students do not become injured through the implementation of appropriate exercises. We must gear our teaching towards the experience, age, and fitness level of our students. Additionally, as instructors we are often asked to manage students’ chronic and acute injuries developed outside of our studio classes.
dance training
dance training
dance training

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Identify physical benefits from practicing your dance form
  • Recognize the parts of the body that are strengthened & prone to injury by your dance form
  • Assess basic types of injuries and First Aid
  • Accommodate your students' ages, fitness levels, & injuries
  • Keep your students' bodies balanced & make safe modifications
  • Develop safe and effective warm ups, cool downs, & stretches
  • Create supportive environments that increase teaching & student communication
  • Cultivate student awareness of injury prevention

Certificate Requirements