Laura and Matt dance teacher training Workbooks, presentations, and one-on-one coaching session will help you earn certification in one or all of the following disciplines:

Courses contain:

  1.  PowerPoint Presentation with information, questions, and example answers.
  2.  Workbook with information, questions, and space to write your answers.
  3.  5 Hours of Coaching Sessions, which includes answering questions and grading assignments

At the end of the PowerPoint presentation and workbook are the Assignments, which also include a collection of all the questions you will need to answer in one spot. It is important to look at the example answers in the PowerPoint presentation to see the format and level of detail your answers should take.

Assignments will be a scored in a focused holistic approached, in which a text is evaluated on its overall quality.

Several categories will be examined, including:

  1. Purpose, the objective of the question is focused and met
  2. Organization,  the structure of the answer
  3. Application, synthesization, and evaluation of knowledge
  4. Supporting evidence, a strong sets of examples and details

Grammar will not be evaluated, but your text should be in Standard American English, typed, and, understandable. Scoring is based upon Person’s 4 point scale:
4=The writer demonstrates consistent, though not necessarily perfect, control of the domain's features.
3=The writer demonstrates reasonable, but not consistent, control of most of the domain's features. The writer may control some features of the domain more than others.
2=The writer demonstrates inconsistent control of several of the domain’s features, indicating significant weakness.
1=The writer demonstrates little or no control of the domain's feature

Certification is conferred when you demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and mastery of the material. You may be asked to resubmit assignments integrating feedback and evaluations.

Duration: Students have one year to complete certification after purchase of the first set of coaching sessions.